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Liing Infant Car Seat

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Clek Liing Infant Car Seat –

The Liing Infant Car Seat by Clek represents the latest and most advanced car seat safety in the world for infants and babies. Designed in Canada, Made in Canada with the most rigorous safety features and quality materials - this car seat is designed to keep your child safe on backroads, country roads, in town, and on the highway. Many features have been added to this car seat to make your child's ride both incredibly safe and tremendously comfortable. This car seat was birthed at the request of parents who already owned Clek's convertible car seats and wanted an option for the newborns and infants. After several years this car seat is now ready to be unveiled and is being touted as one of the safest infant car seats ever made.

What sets this car seat apart from all other infant car seats is it's manufactured in North America. 95% of infant car seats are made in China. Making this seat in Canada ensures quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and quality care goes into the making of your car seat for your special little one. One of the signature safety features found on this car seat is the Advanced Metal Load Leg. This feature is exclusive to Clek here in the U.S., however it is found abundantly in the U.K. and Germany where cars are known for traveling at high-speeds and where car seat safety standards are much higher. Clek has introduced advanced European safety technology and standards into this car seat to bring the best safety forward to your baby.

Clek is known by parents and within the baby products industry for being Best-In-Class in Safety. With over 90% of childrens car seats being manufacture red in Asia, Clek is the one of the few child safety companies who remains committed to making their products in North America to hold their quality and safety to the highest standards. From intuitive design to impact-reducing materials, Clek's baby and toddler car seats and boosters are equipped with best-in-class safety features. They’ve introduced innovative safety technology to the industry – including the REACT™ Safety System – and they plan to keep on raising the bar when it comes to protecting your kids.

All Clek car seats come with Free Shipping and Zero Sales Tax from We proudly offer the ling in the Mammoth, Carbon, Thunder, and Chrome fabric options. For any questions on this infant car seat call 636-728-1899 for customer service!

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